How much disk space???

How much disk space???

Post by Robert C Stee » Tue, 11 Jan 1994 01:00:23

We are think of adding Wordperfect and Lotus 123 on our UNIX box can
anyone tell me how much disk space is required for both. (If you can provide
the upper and lower limits that would be great.)

Thanks in advance



1. Hard disk space - how to alter the 10% 'root only' space


Does anyone know if there's any way of altering the 10% buffer space FreeBSD
marks on a drive

E.g. on a 1gb drive, the first 900mb are usable - after that is used, df
reports 0 bytes free, and the remaining 100mb is writable to only by root
(and as it's used, df reports negative amoutns of space)

I do like this idea, however I would like to be able to alter it a bit -
e.g. reduce the size of the buffer from 10% to 5%.  Also, I would like to
change it such that one or two other users can write to it.  Would this be
possible?  I dont mind doing this by group - e.g. putting the users
concerned into group wheel

Any help would be appreciated


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