reseting UNIX ports?

reseting UNIX ports?

Post by Pat Welc » Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:00:00

> How do I reset the ports on a UNIX machine using the command line?

> tx in advance,

> Nick

What version of Unix? The commands differ widely.

In SCO you can (as root):

disable ttyxx

-let it update the files and kill the running getty then:

enable /ttyxx

But those commands usually just disable/enable the spooler on other
versions of Unix.

Here's a manual method that should work on all platforms:

1) vi /etc/inittab
2) locate the tty port you need to reset
3) change 'respawn' to 'off'
4) do a :wq! to write the file

at the # prompt enter: init q

then redo the above but change off back to respawn for #3

init q won't kill getty's on some Unix's - so you may need to locate the
PID# of the getty and do a manual kill on it after changing 'respawn' to

Obviously, be VERY careful doing manual edits of the /etc/inittab file -
don't even try it unless you know vi pretty well.

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