mount a magneto-optical disk drive

mount a magneto-optical disk drive

Post by Dan Charnitsky x59 » Sun, 25 Sep 1994 01:37:54


Does anyone have any experience mounting a magneto-optical disk drive
under unix?  The MO drive works fine, but is very slow.  I've heard
that there are ways to optimize the filesystem so that things are faster.
I'm assuming the slow down is related to storing inode info, but I've no
idea what to do.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


1. Trouble Mounting Magneto-Optical Drive

I am trying to mount a magneto-optical drive as the second device on my
SCSI bus as /dev/sdb.  I have a mount point created and all the proper
permissions set.

The problem occurs when I mount the MO drive.  The permissions change to
only allow rw access for root, not for users as I had defined the
permissions to be when I created the mount point!  The owner and group
listed for the mount point also change to be root/root.

What is going on?  What am I missing here?

(P.S.  The MO drive is NOT write protected.  I can read files off the
drive, but I need to allow users to write to it also)


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