shell scripts for hierarchical storage management?

shell scripts for hierarchical storage management?

Post by Lester Bu » Sun, 28 Mar 1993 01:03:27

I am looking for a set of backup scripts and programs that simulates
hierarchical storage management.  (Poor man's HSM?  :-( ) The file
retrieval/caching will be very user visible, of course, but I would like
to find some reasonably simple front end software that stores the
original versions on some type of tape and reports where to go for the
manual retrieval.  If the scripts end up interfacing to some type of
commercial backup software, that is fine.

Various people on the net have talked about such scripts many times, and
I would like to know if such software is available.  Of course, this
software would have to be customized for any specific use, but a basic
set of functions would save a lot of work.

I will be happy to post or email a summary if there is any interest.

Thanks alot!



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I am looking for a software package that will provide Hierarchical
Storage Management for Solaris 2.5. Our Online storage is an EMC disk
barn, the second level storage will be a slower array of disks, and the
third level will be tape (most likely 8mm).  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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