Listprocessor V6.0c

Listprocessor V6.0c

Post by R. F. Johnstone FGD » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 04:50:13

    Anyone out there ever set up Listprocessor V6.0c on a Data
   General Aviion.  Or any other SVR4 system.  I need help...(haven't
    got much hair left to pull out).   Thanx in advance

1. Listprocessor v6.0

I've compiled Tasos Kotsikonas' Listprocessor v6.0 listserver really
with no problem using -Dbsd stuff etc. with little warnings however
I'm having a proplem with catmail giving me a " main(): Invalid user
account " when I send message to listproc on the local box...even from root.
The serverd is up and running ( some errors with grep ps tho' )

Does anyone have this puppy working with Linux v1.1.20 or so ?

Please email me as news isn't reliable here. Thanks guys.

Gordon Soukoreff, Systems Manager. - Public Access Internet -
voice: +1 604 693-2489 or 365-3388; Data/FAX: +1 604 693-5522

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