printcap file for HP IIP printer

printcap file for HP IIP printer

Post by Communication Systems Technology In » Sun, 07 Aug 1994 11:43:18

I've been banging my head against a wall attempting to write a printcap for
an HP IIP printer.  The specs of the situation are:

Sun Sparc 1 Workstation
HP IIP printer
serial 9600 8N1 (ttya) connection

With the lp daemon running, and the print service started all I get with an
lp is gobbledegook.  This tells me the hardware is hooked up correctly.  I
know it's something about my printcap entry.

If anyone currently has a HP II or IIP hooked up to a Sparc serially, please
reply or mail me your printcap.  Any help is much appreciated.

Mike Domingo
Software Engineer
Chantilly, VA

(please send mail with subject line as: Please pass on to Mike Domingo)


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