CT- UNIX System Administrator (HP-UX)

CT- UNIX System Administrator (HP-UX)

Post by Yoh » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

IF you or anyone you know may be interested in this opportunity please
contact us!  Thank you.
Stamford, CT    60-70K/year     Immediate opening
Permanent job

Requirements:  BS in Computer Science or equivalent, Three to five years
+ experience system support of multi-user environments.
Technical Skills / working knowledge of:        Operating systems (preferably
HP-UX and NT Server).   Systems work not on just a dedicated platform.
Some Sun and IBM workstations.  Eventually moving into NT servers.
Problem Analysis/Resolution.  Communications - TCP/IP.  Performance
Analysis and Tuning.  NFS and FTP.  Client server technology. Project
planning and project management.  Computer HW.  UPSs.

Willing to train someone who has Mainframe OS experience as well!!!!

Basic Function:         Provide support in several areas of the IM function
which include: Site Computing, Systems Administration, Networking, and
Performance monitoring and tuning.  Will work with IM teams to support
deployment of all departmental systems and assist in working with all
external departments and vendors.  

Responsibilities:       Maintain and enhance existing departmental systems.
Develop nightly and weekly backup and recovery strategies.  Install and
validate software.  Patch management.  Oversee HW installation.  Provide
support of new HW configurations in both the analysis and
implementation phases.  Assist in the implementation and enforcement of
good security practices.  Analyze and modify system configuration
parameters as appropriate.  Maintain UPS connections and related
software.  Assist in providing site support in the creation,
implementation, and testing of a disaster recovery plan.  Participate in
application system walk through.  Develop and maintain an inventory of
existing HW.  Record any operational or equipment problems and
coordinate through the Business Integration Plan.

Need someone who can work in an environment which goes through constant
changes.  Flexibility is extremely important.  Frequent contact with
work team, vendors, clients and management.  Contributes recommendations
to management.  Provides project direction.  Expected to assist in the
resolution of complex multi-system problems. Easily accessible from 95
or Rt.15.  (Business casual dress).
We look forward to hearing from you!  Please address your resume and
questions to Kimberly Corini