System V r.4 versions question

System V r.4 versions question

Post by Evelyn Tuml » Fri, 09 Jul 1993 04:59:28

Thanks to all those who responded to my ksh question!  Placing
the history file in a non-NFS directory (/tmp) took care of the

I am running several 386 systems with AT&T System V r.4.
Our current version is 2.1, and we're thinking of upgrading
to 3.2.  If anyone out there has made the same transition,
I need answers to the following questions?

1. How much does such an upgrade cost?

2. Would the change involve simply installing an upgrade disk(s),
   or would we need to re-install the entire operating system?

3. How do the two versions compare?  Is one much better than the
   other?  Much worse?  Indistinguishable?

Any information of this kind would be helpful.


[this space intentionally left blank]


1. How does module version / kernnel version system work?

I've sort of wondered this for a while and now need to provide a binary
only module to someone and am forced to confront the issue.  Currently he
gets this message when doing an insmod:
     alloc_skb: wrong version or undefined
     register_netdev: wrong version or undefined
     [other kernel/net symbols...] wrong version or undefined
     Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.20) don't match

So this leads me to wonder, assuming both kernels were compiled with the
"set module version" option, which of these can I hope to achieve?

a. load my 2.0.20 on his 2.0.20?
b. load my 2.0.20 on his 2.0.z (where z > 20)?
c. load my 2.0.20 on his 2.0.x (where x < 20)?
d. load my 2.0.20 on his 2.Z.x (where Z > 0)?

I would hope at the least, (a).  If so, why would he get the message above?
(by the way, there is a possibility that one or both our kernels *don't*
have the module version enabled...I need to check on that)

If anyone could shed some light on this I'd sure appreciate it.

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