rdist and hard links

rdist and hard links

Post by Vincent D. Skah » Tue, 30 Nov 1993 04:45:22

In updating a new installation of 'Elm' on multiple remote sites from
one master location, I decided to go for a rdist solution since I build
things with everything under one tree per package and that's a simple

I was suprised to see it barking about me regarding the inability to
duplicate hard links that the Elm installation uses.  I checked it
out and it indeed didn't have anything on the remote sites for those

Does that behavior make sense ?
Are there any workarounds ?

If it matters, I'm running on HP/Apollo Domain/OS version 10.4 on the
'sending' side and Domain/OS version 10.3 on the receiving side.

Here's the 'what' output for the new and old o/s versions of rdist if they'll
help...neither set of man pages mention anything about hard links.

Domain/OS 10.4
        docmd.c 5.8 (Berkeley) 3/1/91
        expand.c        5.6 (Berkeley) 6/1/90
        gram.y  5.6 (Berkeley) 6/1/90
        lookup.c        5.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/90
         Copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of California.
        main.c  5.6 (Berkeley) 8/27/90
        server.c        5.15 (Berkeley) 3/1/91

Domain/OS 10.3
        docmd.c 5.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/85
        expand.c        4.1 - 88/11/17
        expand.c        5.2 (Berkeley) 3/28/86
        gram.y  5.2 (Berkeley) 85/06/21
        lookup.c        4.1 - 88/11/17
        lookup.c        5.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/85
        main.c  4.1 - 88/11/17
         Copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of California.
        main.c  5.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/85
        server.c        4.1  - 88/11/17



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cat << EOF | rdist -R -f -

install -R /opt/local/tmp;

And here is the error message:

updating host mwangrs.cicgtech.ml.com
installing: /opt/local/bin/copyroot-
rdist: mwangrs:can't link /opt/local/tmp/copyroot- to /opt/local/tmp//opt/local/bin/copyroot

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