Need career advice--Where to go after CNA?

Need career advice--Where to go after CNA?

Post by Martin Levm » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am presently completing the basic CNA course and want to continue
studying  in one of the certified engineering disciplines. Which one
should I take. CNE, MCSE and SCO ACE are all available locally. It is
important that I find a job afterwards in that I'll be out of funds by
then. I intend to continue taking courses and exams afterwards in both
networking and related languages. The courses are all hands-on but
that's the only experience I'll have.

Any advice well appreciated



1. career advice needed (language? platform?)

Do you want skills that will help you to get a highly paid job quickly
now and don't care about your position in two years, or do you go for
skills that will provide you an income and statisfaction in your work
for life?
If you're a good programmer and you like to program, go for a (junior)
programmer job. Knowing two programming languages (Java and C) will
certainly be an advantage. Do you think you'ld be able to do "mission
critical" programming? There certainly is a demand for "real
programmers" (Over here in the Netherlands, but also in CA and New
For a programmer design and analysis skills are very important; in the
long run more important than fluency in a programming language or
intimicy with an OS as languages and OSes seem to fade away.
The project you describe sounds like a good start of a programming
career. In the long run knowledge of another OS (I recommend the UNIX
family, UNIX has been around for 30 years and will be around for at
least another 10 years) and additional programming languages (C++,
Python, Perl) would be a benefit.


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