HPUX 10.2 /etc/profile question

HPUX 10.2 /etc/profile question

Post by Peter M » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00


Anyone knows how the trap " " 1239 command in the /etc/profile use. Should I leave the " " empty? I'm new to HPUX admin and wanna block the use of the ^C or the likes commands.




1. Question: SATAN on HPUX 10.2


Wondering if anybody has got SATAN 1.1 up and running on HPUX 10.2.
I've got perl 5 installed, along with Netcape 3. I've run the reconfig
and make scripts. SATAN executes fine and launches the browser. The Satan
Control Panel comes up in HTML, and the SATAN Target Selection hyperlink
is shown. When you click on it, according to documentation, you should be
promped for a target host. Instead, I get a "save as" dialog box wanting
to save a file "satan_run_form.pl". Does this mean that my Perl is not
configured properly? How might I confirm this? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Reply via e-mail preferred as I don't frequent this group

Marc Boire

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