career choices... CPS v. MIS

career choices... CPS v. MIS

Post by Patrick Thom » Sat, 05 Jun 1993 10:48:19

Hi all!
  I hope this is the right place for this question... Feel free to mail
me rude and obnoxious letters if it isn't ;-)  (but tell me where to go

  I have been s*seriously* considering changing my major from Mechanical
Engineering to allow me to work with computers. I've had a computer since
1979, and I just sorta like 'em (until I met unix, but that's another
story... I really admire anybody who can learn it!).

  My question is this: I've heard that either a CPS degree or an MIS
degree would allow me to eventually go into a system admin/management
career. I don't really want to be a *programmer* per se, but I *do*
enjoy programming. What kind of education do you folks think is
appropriate? Business-oriented (MIS?) or CPS? I've taken enough
classes that switching to a Business major would be inconvenient, but I'd
rather be able to be employed (preferably happily) when I get out of
school, so if I have to take 20 hours of business math, so be it...

  Again, sorry if this isn't the place (maybe :-)
for this question. Thanks if you can help, though!


1. Career choices ][

  Well, now I'm a little less confused (but just a little)... Out of the many
replies I received (thanks to those who replied!), two or three suggested
MIS, five (I think...) said CPS or CPS with an MIS minor, and about ten
said that it (administration) is an art form that is self taught.

  Maybe I should clarify a bit... I realize that no college in the world
could hope to teach every possible problem and its solution, and I know
firsthand that you learn a heck of a lot more about the system you're using
from experience (versus direct education).

  I guess I am curious as to what potential employers look for in a
prospective employee. Obviously, experience and/or ability should be first,
but for some reason I doubt that's actually the case. I'd imagine a degree
in one or both (major in one, minor in the other) would also increase one's
earning potential (something that is floating around a little in the back
of my mind). I've never met an unhappy sysadmin, but I'd like to compete
with the possible earning for MechEng (typically around 30k to start).
Or is that asking a bit much?  $-)

  Another thing is that I want to keep options open. I checked a few places,
and most of the don't need any more computer folks... even for free (at least
that's what they told me this time around...). I would guess that a CPS
degree would allow me a little more flexibility if I decide that administration
isn't for me... but I could be wrong.

  Well, I've taken enough of a toll on the network for today. Let me know
if you have any opinions (which I hope you do!)

  - Patrick
PS: Anybody in the Lansing, MI area need a newbie apprentice? :-) Cheap...?

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