SCSI-Target Bus Phase Sequence Error..

SCSI-Target Bus Phase Sequence Error..

Post by Kevin Brun » Thu, 06 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Using the following:

                Pentium 90 MHz
                8MB RAM
                1GB SCSI - Seagate HDU
                250MB SCSI - Wangtek Tape
                Adaptec 2490 SCSI Controller

                SCO UNIX 3.2 V4.2

When using tar to extract a large quantity (40 to 50 MB) of data the
following message appears:

        Target Bus Phase Sequence Error

        SDSK Unrecoverable Error Reading Disk

        Tar issues a tape read error.

On occasion, the disk will trash and we must reinstall.  EVERYTHING
except the case and chasey has been replaced.  Your ideas are welcome.

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1. Target Bus Phase sequence error on arad with SCO 5.0.4 aha-2742W

I am setting up a HP Netserver LM Pentium 100
Server with an Adaptec AHA-2742w single ended EISA-to-fast, wide
SCSI adapter which has a narrow and wide connector internally.
The hard drive is on the wide and the cdrom is on the narrow cable.
It has 48MB Ram and is running SCO 5.0.4 enterprise openserver.
The installation cd-rom is a narrow (on the 50 pin cable) toshiba drive.
The installation Hard disk is a brand new quantum ultra scsi3 wide
on the 68 pin connector of the same controller.
While installing 5.0.4 I get this message:
Warning arad: adapter 0 Error: Target Bus Phase sequence error (ha=0
bus=0 id 0 lun 0)
And also this error:
Selection timeout (ha=0 bus=0 id=5 lun=0)
Id 5 is the scsi cdrom
Id 0 is the hard drive
It gives a lot of these on the screen and then gives a retry option
on the screen. I try retry and it will finish the install. It even seems
to work. Any sugestions?
Thanks in advance, Daryl
p.s. there is also a built-into-the-mother-board dual port narrow scsi
which is disabled.

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