Tools Tools Tools ... wanted

Tools Tools Tools ... wanted

Post by Bo Ch » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00


We have seveeral unix servers which are tightly link together(cross mount
points, NIS master/slave, NFS mounted $HOME, >5 network cards/server==>
routing nightmare...) I don't think there are any commercial tools off the
shelf can help us to manage this server.

What I need:
Do you know there is any public domain tools that will check most of the
unix daemon/NFS/NIS configuration/print queue/route.. in one command. It
would be a good
base for me to start so I can modify to the way we want. Right now there
is always something missing after system reboot and it took us hours to
locate them. I am sure that there is some tools that some administrators
are using now bit I don'tknow.

I appreciate any pointers and thoughts.


(Please email me also)


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 I have two questions:

1) I need a tool to synchronize files between my computer at work and at
home. It should work like this: I give it a list of files/directories
that are present on both machines and to be sync'ed. Upon connection
(56k modem), the utility compares modification times for each listed
file and updates whichever is older. I looked at cvs, but don't like it
very much for this purpose (some of my files are pretty big, I don't
like having to 'commit' all the time, some of the files are binary and
don't like cvs tags etc. etc.) Any ideas?

2) I once used a performance meter tool under X, it showed CPU usage,
memory, disk i/o, network i/o etc. as moving graphs. Not the bar graph
type a la xosview, but a curve over time. I can't seem to remember its
name or find it in /usr/bin/X11.


Ronald Holzloehner

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