Establishing direct net acess.

Establishing direct net acess.

Post by Douglas McHu » Wed, 13 Jan 1993 03:53:03

In short, I will be going to Kuwait and I would like to continue
using this net.  Do you know what steps are needed to establish
net acess or could you lead me in the right direction to seek help?

thank you

Douglas McHugh  

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1. How to establish a PPP connection over direct cable from W2K to Linux ?

I'm trying to establish a PPP connection between a W2K PC to a Linux
RedHat 7.1 box over direct cable (null modem) conenction.

On the W2K PC I've created a null modem and dial-up client connection
using this null modem port.

On the Linux box I'm running pppd on the serial port.

I've connected the two PCs with a null modem cable and set both to
38400 speed.

Now, the PC is dialing (sending ATE1) to the Linux server. The Linux
opens a ppp session and respond with LCP Config-Request messages.
The problem is that the W2K client does not responds to the LCP
packets, and after some retransmitions and a timeout, the pppd gives

It seems like the W2K does not launch ppp on its side. It probabley
expects a reply from the other side.
I tried to run chat on the Linux, but I do not know what does the W2K
client expects in order to start ppp.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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