HELP : 3c503 card configuration of a 486 SVR 4.2

HELP : 3c503 card configuration of a 486 SVR 4.2

Post by Kiran Ja » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 01:42:54

I am trying to configure my 486 with SVR 4.2.  I am using 3c503 card.
 But whenever the system comes up or goes down it complains that

 3c503 : board 0 not fould at base address 0x0000300

I have tried changing the /etc/conf/sdevice.d/ie6 to other base values and
also physically changing the jumper inside the card and then compile using idbuild but it did not help.

Without this card I cannot my PC over local network.  Can anybody please
e-mail me any suggestions.

NOTE : I also have a adaptech card with inturn is connected to a wantek
cartgride driver.  BUT even after removing them from my PC it didn't help.



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My Question is - HOW? is this accomplished..

Forgive me if thisis a Stupid Question, but help me to understand this..


Jim Serven

email responses are welcomed.

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