hpux cpio problem

hpux cpio problem

Post by Pico I » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I'm using cpio on hpux 9.0.4 and tcio on hpux 8.0.2. I can use the tcio and
cpio copy the data to the tape but I can't retrieve backup the data by
using tcio and cpio, the error prompt " cpio : can't get current working
directory: Invalid argument ".

Please advice.



1. cpio & compress in HPUX 10.20

There seems to be a problem restoring a tape via "cpio" into a HP9000
rel 10.20 where the problem did NOT appear with rel 10.0. Also, the
files on the tape are compressed so maybe the real problem is dealing
with compress ??

The tapes were originally created on a different UNIX platform and can
still be retrieved into the old system but, now can not be read into the
HP machine.

I am open for any possible solutions.

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