path for sendmail

path for sendmail

Post by veik » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 02:08:37

for a script I need all the sendmail paths.
I've already found out:
#for OSF1, alpha:

please send a reply direct to me, if you know
another sendmail path of a system.




1. How to set from/return-path in Sendmail headers?

or reply and remove the "NOSPAM"


How/where do I set the sendmail configuration so that
all of my email that goes out has a specific domain address?

It seems that if I send email on my localhost, the From

But any mail that I relay through domain,

I need to have all my email set to to prevent
mail from having problems.

I can't figure out where/how to do it in the /etc/sendmail.c*

Any and all suggestions GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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