Retrieving files from damaged tape? (dump/restore)

Retrieving files from damaged tape? (dump/restore)

Post by Trip Mart » Sun, 31 Oct 1993 09:38:35

Is there any way to retrieve files from a backup made with dump which
has developed read errors?  Restore manages to get about a third of
the files before giving up completely.  Any help would be greatly

(If it matters any, this is a sun 3/80 running 4.1.1, and the tape
drive is a 250mb cartridge tape drive.)
Trip Martin


1. Help with dump/restore ("Tape is not a dump tape")


I have performed dump of several partitions on a type in a Mammoth
drive. Then I tried to look at them by "restore", and I could access the
first partition. After that I ran "restore" once again, and I expected
that I would see the list of the files in the second partition. Instead,
all I got was the message "Tape is not a dump tape". When I ran "mt
status", it showed that I still am at the file 0. I also could not
advance by "mt fsf" - it exits immediately, and the status is the same.

I tried to backup two small directories, and I had no trouble restoring
them later. But when I backup whole partitions, I keep getting this

I have Redhat 6.1.

Any ideas what's going on?


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