Communications programs

Communications programs

Post by John Strou » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

On the system at work they have BLAST installed.  I find it a bit
klunky and was wondering if anyone had any tips about a nice
communications package.  I have linux installed at home and I like
minicom but have yet to download a tar file that has the code and
makefile to compile it on the SCO system at work.  The documentation
all talks about the makefile and how to do it but the tar file
does not include it and the 'minicom' that comes in the tar file will
not execute.  
Someone suggested that the new BLAST might be better than the older
version but I'm just wondering what the real users prefer.
Thanks for any suggestions you have.
And please send replies to



Hi, All,
   I would like to write a little program to communicate with a romote site
user. The program under Unix starts running whenever it sees a call comming
in and then waits for a command from a remote user. But the remote user does
not log in. He just needs to send a command such as "go" to the program running
under Linux. If the program under Linux successuflly receives the command, it
sends back a string, such as "I go you" and then hangs up.
   I am very new to serial programming. Could somebody tell me how to start
quickly ? For example, how to detect a ring and to connect a line, say
/dev/ttyS1.  I guess I don't need to setup terminal in this case, do I?
  Any replies will be greatly appreciated ?
  I am runnnig the Linux, a unix clone, on my 486 PC.

Thanks in advance.
Binglin Yang

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