Help! How to boot a Tektronix XD88/30 into single-user mode?

Help! How to boot a Tektronix XD88/30 into single-user mode?

Post by Greg Ear » Thu, 06 May 1993 07:34:22

We have a little-used Tektronix XD88/30 workstation here for stereographic
image processing.  It is only used for stereo images and as such, is not
logged onto very often, and rarely by "root".  On a recent reboot, it said
that a partition was corrupted and to "run fsck manually".  Unlike a Sun
(which we are far more familiar with), this thing kept booting and came up
into multi-user mode anyway!  Unfortunately, there was only one person who
knew the root password, and he's forgotten it :-(  (and he didn't write it
down either, arrggh)

We need to boot it into single-user mode to do the manual "fsck", but without
root we don't know how.  There is a reset button on the inside of a front
panel, but it causes a complete reboot - it doesn't bring it down to a PROM
level or anything like that.  If there is a keyboard sequence - a la L1-A on
a Sun - to bring it to PROM level where we could do the equivalent of a Sun
"boot -s" for single-user mode, we don't know what it is.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please respond directly to me.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello all,
Sorry if this is not the correct group.  
I have been offered a Tektronix XD88/30.  My problem is I am not familiar
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info or pointers would be appreciated.

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