Problem with L-Keys of an Type5 Keyboard

Problem with L-Keys of an Type5 Keyboard

Post by Eduard Kume » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm an system consultant, responsible for Sun Workstations. We are using
SunOS 4.1.4 and Solaris2.5.1/2.6.
On all Workstations I 've installed X11R6.3 and the fvwm Windowsmanager
but only on SunOS I have some Problems ... My first problem now is that
the additional L-Keys on a Sun Type5 Keyboard does not work as I want :(

If I use the openwintools (f.e. Textedit) the Copy and Paste Keys does
not work :(((((((. Unfortunately my users want to use textedit under X
and fvwm so I want to activate this keys, if anybody knows how to do
that, I would be very glad to learn that....
My second Problem is, that the german umlauts (will it be really written
in this way ???) can not be displayed or typed with compose keys on a
us-english keyboard with X11R6.3 fvwm and xterm ..... anybody knows why

I would be very grateful to all who could help me

Thank's a lot

Cu Ed the Duck_   (found on IRC :)


1. Disabling Type5 keyboard bell

Hi all,

On our SPARCstations we run an app that, by design, beeps. A lot. No,
make that "constantly".

Unfortunately, the beeping can't be controlled from within the app, so
we need another way to disable the Type5 keyboard bell. The solutions
I've come up with require I answer these questions:

1. Can the keyboard bell be disabled in Solaris 2.6 at the command line?
We don't and can't run X or CDE.

2. Is there and adapter available that will allow me to replace the
Type5 keyboard with a beeper-less PC keyboard?

3. Anyone have a schematic of a Type5 keyboard? Soldering instructions?
A hammer?


Daniel Luechtefeld
frayed sysadmin

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