Controlling access to workstations

Controlling access to workstations

Post by Henk M » Wed, 29 May 1991 00:01:37

In our department we are using a server (DECsystem 5500, Ultix 4.1) en a number
of client DECstations. Passwd en group files are distributed through yp. Every
research group has its own group entry. I'm looking for a simple to maintain
mechanism to assign workstation access (login, rsh, etc.) to one or more groups
and/or users, but to continue the usage of yp. I'm sure this has been done
before so any practical solution is welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Henk Mos

Henk J. Mos, Dept of Physics and Astrophysics, Utrecht University



Controlling access to workstations

Post by Oren Sha » Fri, 31 May 1991 19:14:43

Okay, Okay, Once and for all, this is how it is done:

1) Create netgroups (in /etc/netgroup), including the users list
   for each workstation. e.g.:

ws1_users               \
        (,jenny,)       \

ws2_users               \
        (,jack,)        \

etc.. (of course, you may use any valid combination of previously defined
groups, etc.)

2) the password file of each workstation, should include all non humans and

   and that's all. This will allow only users of group ws?_users to acess that

There are some improuvments to this basic scheme that may come to mind, but
this is the basic idea.



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