Del and Backspace keys

Del and Backspace keys

Post by Hans_Pattenie » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00


On my Sun keyboard I've got a <Backspace> and a <Del> key.
Using stty I managed to get <Backspace> working (it deletes the
character to the left). The Del key however does the same.
How do I tell the del key to delete the character right of the
cursor position ???

My keyboard also has 12 functions keys, of which none are used.
Is it possible to attach a command or string to a function key ?

I'm running SunOS 4.1.3 and Openwin


Hans Pattenier


1. Backspace key becomes ^H in mail, man, etc; DEL key becomes ^[[3

I've read some(most?) of the FAQ's on using the Backspace/DEL key,
but I think my problem is a little different and I'd be grateful for any
Generally, running bash in an xterm, the Backspace/DEL keys works the
way I want it
to work. Same for vi.
However, in MOST command-line applications such as openssl, mail, man,
the backspace key becomes a ^H instead of erasing the character before
the cursor
which is pretty annoying, especially since the DEL key turns into its
escape code
^[[3 for these same apps - no way to delete anything.
Does anybody know the solution to this problem or at least where to
start looking?



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