Monitoring Mouse Activity

Monitoring Mouse Activity

Post by Anton Enrigh » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I am trying to write a C / perl program that monitors a UNIX machines terminal,
network and mouse activity,

I've achieved the first two goals, but I am really trying to find a way to get information
from /dev/mouse regarding mouse activity at any given time.

The stat system call when given /dev/mouse as its target give very little information

Can anybody help me on this ?



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1. IRIX: how to monitor mouse and keyb. activity ?

I am working on a tool monitoring load and interactive usage
on remote machines. I am looking for some method on figuring
out the last time of an interactive event, that means the last
time the mouse was moved and the last time the keyboard was
touched. I don't have access to the X-Server's display.
On HP-Systems it works by monitoring the access time
to the files /dev/hil2 and /dev/hil1. On SGI-systems I could not
find the right files so far...

Thank you for your help !


  Thomas Stephan

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