Third party spoolers

Third party spoolers

Post by Randy McCormic » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi All, Looking for any suggestions on third party unix print spooling
software.  I need to be able to set a max print file size so that a user
doesn't tie up a network printer with a complete print out of user
documentation.  It would also be nice if it could redirect the output to
a high volume printer.

I also have an issue were I need to print a proprietary security message
as a footer to every page that is printed.

Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance,

Randy McCormick


1. Third Party Print Spooler Utilities for Solaris 2.x Info needed


I am new to the comp.unix hierachy so if there is a better place to post
this message, I'd be grateful.  I'm coming from a Netware/DOS background.

Last year we migrated from a crappy IBM S/36 to a SparcServer 1000.  Now
the S36 might be blah but the OS came with a menu driven print spooler
uitility that the users could use to control their print jobs.  Pretty
useful whenever one of our users accidentally sends a 500 page report to
the line printer instead of the 5 page report (this happens more often
than you might think).  We had a terminal next to the LP so that people
could do their own cancels.

Now we are on Solaris 2.x and our users are mad at me because they can't
do this any more.  Getting them to learn command line lpq/lprm stuff is
not viable (trust me on this).

What I am now looking at are third party utilities for the Sparc/Solaris 2
platform.  I have heard of LP Plus and I am currently trying (and failing)
to get a demo of EasySpooler to work.

Any recommendations out there?

By the way the installation of the EasySpooler 30 day demo keeps falling
over so I can never get to test this out.  Looking at the install .log
files and the install script I find that the script hangs when trying to
run a executable with the name "ggn".  Trying to run this at the command
line causes a segmentation fault and a core dump.

All I know about Solaris is the quickie sysadmin course that came free
with the hardware so I'm, like, totally, you know, lost?


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