lpd to tcp stream?

lpd to tcp stream?

Post by Eric Peters » Sat, 29 Jan 1994 13:18:04

        I have a printer that takes a raw tcp stream (ie. no lpd is there
        listening), is it possible to tell lpd (generic bsd style) to blast
        data to it?  I have found two possible workarounds (which may or may
        not be "conventional" to use):

                1. Create a output filter (via 'of:') that takes stdin and
                blasts it out to the printer.  Possible problems: does
                lpd reqeure anything to come out of an output filter's
                stdout?  Do I just set "lp=/dev/null" ?  What if the
                user wants a "real" filter in his print stream (eg.
                ascii to ps, etc.)?

                2. Create a program that listens on a named pipe or unix domain
                socket and blasts the tcp data out.  Then I would set
                "lp=/dev/my_socket".  This seems a bit better from lpd's
                perspective, but also seems a bit more like a hack...

        What would be ideal is for there to be a means in printcap to specify
        a host/port pair to treat as a printer, but to my knowledge that
        doesn't exist.  

        Thanks in advance for any hints or pointers.




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