C-Shell sub-routine

C-Shell sub-routine

Post by Dave Perl » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 04:24:05

        I am trying to write a simple c-shell sub-routine to extract
a subset of letters. In other words, if the user chooses the letters
'a e' from a group of letters, let's say 'a b c d e f', I would like
the subroutine to respond back with the remaining letters. In this
example the remaining letters would of course be 'b c d f'.
        If you have the answer, please E-mail the  C-shell sub-routine


1. Sub-sub-sub-sub-sub subdomains?

No, it's not a typo.

My question is quite simple: I've read on how to set up subdomains on
apache using the wildcard mask, but what about subdomains several
levels deep?

Do I need to create one DNS entry for every "subdomain level" so to

Lets say I currently have... whatever... "cool.com" (then I'd sell it
;-). No I mean... lets pretend I have something like "cool.com". With
"traditional" apache wildcard subdomains setup and the right entries
on bind, I can have "anything.cool.com" "a.cool.com" "b.cool.com", etc
all pointing to the same web page.

But what if I want to do a hostname in the form
"http://This.bind.is.really.cool.com"? That's 4 levels of

Can someone explain me how to setup something like this, both form the
apache and bind sides??

PS: I'm posting this same question to the bind newsgroup since this
involves setting up correctly both daemons.

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