Swap Space [main mem] ulimit reached

Swap Space [main mem] ulimit reached

Post by mark.w.lun » Fri, 09 Jul 1993 23:11:29

        I need a quick reply to this question:

        I have a process in production that fork()s and exec()s another
        process.  During that fork(), my main memory requirement is pushed
        to the upper limit.  The process fails, and the user is knocked
        completely out of OpenWindows.

        I know that we can increase the swap space and this should rectify
        the problem.  However, I have a different problem.  During invest-
        igation of this, I found that our process' size did not get smaller,
        after having successfully free()ed internal heap that we allocated.

        I seem to remember hearing that a process will grow in size according
        to memory allocations, but even after that mem is free()ed, does not
        not necessarily shrink.

        My process' size is 2,318,336 bytes.  The fork() duplicates that
        process and that's when the upper bound of main mem is reached.
        We're running on Sparc2's and upgraded 1+'s, OL3.0, X11R3.

        Please respond by e-mail to my above address.  Thanks in advance.



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I just bought a Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA202 as an upgrade to my
PCI noname video card (with Cirrus Logic 5434 chip).  The Graphics
Blaster has a Cirrus 5446 chip and a great price.  However, my system
won't use it.  Immediately on power up I get 1 long beep followed by 3
short beeps.  The display comes up corrupted, with a number of vertical
bars of random charaters across the screen.  I used an old version of
Checkit under a DOS session to test the video memory and received
numerous memory parity errors.  I then experimented with motherboard
settings, including specifying the system memory was EDO, but nothing
worked.  I have 32 megs of standard, fast page mode ram on a 486 PCI
motherboard, AMI BIOS, AMD 133 cpu overclocked to 160.

I took the board back and exchanged it on the off chance that it was
defective, but the new board did exactly the same thing.

It now occurs to me that I can't mix EDO video ram with FPM system ram.
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Somewhere in the Wilds of Western Massachusetts

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