MAILING LIST: Internet mailing list managers

MAILING LIST: Internet mailing list managers

Post by Brent Chapm » Tue, 03 Nov 1992 08:56:19

There was a "Mailing Lists" workshop session at the USENIX
System Administration Conference (LISA VI) in Long Beach, CA,
on October 22, 1992.  The participants in that workshop expressed
a desire for a mailing list for discussions of issues related to
managing Internet mailing lists, including (but not limited to)
software, methods, mechanisms, techniques, and policies.

address is a direct mail reflector; all messages sent to that
address are immediately forwarded to the list.  There is digestified

The digestified version has exactly the same messages as the direct
version; the messages are simply bundled into digests daily (or more
frequently, if traffic warrants).  Both lists are unmoderated.

To join the List-Managers mailing list, send the command

    subscribe list-managers

to subscribe something other than the account the mail is coming from,
such as a local redistribution list, then append that address to the
"subscribe" command; for example, to subscribe "local-list-managers":

To subscribe to the digestified version, substitute "list-managers-digest"
for "list-managers" in the examples above.

The list is currently in "hold down" mode while the initial flood of
subscription requests is processed.  All messages sent to the list
while it's in this mode will be returned to the sender with a note
asking the sender to hold on to the message until the list is opened
for general traffic.  I expect the initial flood of subscription requests
to subside and the list to be opened for general traffic around the end
of October.

All messages to the list are being archived.  A copy of the archive
is available by anonymous FTP from host FTP.GreatCircle.COM, directory
"pub/archive", compressed file "list-managers.Z".  The copy of the archive
available by anonymous FTP is updated every night at midnight local time
(0700 GMT in the summer, 0800 GMT in the winter).

At some point, I intend to add archive-access commands to the Majordomo
server, to make the archives available to folks without anonymous FTP
access.  I'll announce that when it happens.

I'm very aggressive when it comes to bounced email.  If email to you
bounces for more than 24 hours, I'll probably simply drop you from the
list; you'll have to resubscribe when you get the problem fixed, and
retrieve the archives to find out what you missed.

For further information, contact:
    Brent Chapman                                   Great Circle Associates


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