Small LAN

Small LAN

Post by Ben Grub » Tue, 01 Oct 1991 04:47:35

I am the system administrator of a small LAN running VINES, and hate
it.  I have been a UNIX fan for many a year, and wish to convert to a
system that supports NFS with PC's and a UNIX box.  I am interested in
a PC unix version that allows ethernet networking with NFS.

I amso have another interesting option.  I have a SLPI line between a
486 PC and a fast UNIX box (hp834).  Is there any way to NFS over slip
reliably, with any UNIX software for the PC?

I am very confused, and I don't have much access to people who know
very much about this sort of thing.  My network consists of
286/386/486 PC's all linked via ethernet.

Please respond via email.

        -- Rogue


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        I am considering replacing my aged SPARCstation IPC
(running SunOS 4.1.3_U1) with a Pentium based server on my home office
LAN (serving three local machines plus several dial-in users).  I am
curious to know the suitability of Solaris x86?  Will I run into the
user restrictions (allegedly only 1-2 users on the desktop version of
Solaris x86)?

        The machine will also have to run INN (InterNetNews), UUCP,
Sendmail, PPP, CSL/ip, X11R6, etc.  The machine will most likely be a
Pentium 100MHz with 32MB RAM, 2GB disk, no monitor, etc.

        I'd like to hear from anybody running in a similar




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