filesystem size error

filesystem size error

Post by senthil v gopinataha » Wed, 21 Jul 1999 04:00:00

  I was trying to install AIX 4.3.1 on a 7248 model 43P rs6000 m/c. I
have 64 MB RAM and 2 GB hard disk (hdisk0) and while installing the
software (from CD) failed due to the following error.

Error : No Space left on the system Need .------  more 512 blocks to
install. on /dev/hd2 (/usr)
  When i cheked the size of the filesystem (using system management
service) it showed a small size allocated for /dev/hd2 filesystem.
(approx. 30 MB) and if I add up all the filesystem size it is much
lessthan my hard disk capacity. Then I tried chfs command to increase
the filesyatem size but got the following error.
v3fshelper: I/O error
Then I tried fsck -p command for any inconsistency and to repair and got

the following message

/dev/hd2 (/usr) : Bad Block Map (NOT SALVAGED)
/dev/hd2 (/usr) : Filesystem integrity is not guaranteed
I dont know what is the problem . Can anyone help me?


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I am using external Promise UltraTrak 100TX8 raid towers SCSI interface,
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Disksuite/Veritas whatever to stripe together into a single
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