sys admin person wanted

sys admin person wanted

Post by Mark Wroblews » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 02:06:28

                                     Oasix, Inc.

                                System Administrator

?     Needs knowledge in the following areas:
        -  HP 9000, HP/Apollo, and SUN workstations
        -  IBM compatible PCs
        -  HP/UX, Aegis, Sun OS, DOS & Windows operating environments
        -  Mentor 7.x & 8.x, Synopsis, Verilog, OrCAD, and ViewLogic CAE tools
        -  EtherNet Administration
        -  X Window support

?     Oasix is an aggressive, small, electronic engineering service firm with a challenging
opportunity for the right individual. Network responsibilities would include everything from
printers to PCs to engineering workstations.

?     Excellent benefits, great working environment located in Boulder, Colorado at the base of
the foothills.

?     Very competitive salary opportunities.

Send resumes to:
        Oasix, Inc.
        1317 Spruce Street
        Boulder, Colo. 80302

Fax resumes to:
        (303) 440-7877

email resumes to:

Disclaimer:  It's just a thought, probably not even worth repeating....

Oasix/DEI,  1317 Spruce St,   Boulder,  CO  80302
Voice: 303-440-7997 x118        FAX: 303-440-7877