Trying to find out who shut it down

Trying to find out who shut it down

Post by georg » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I have been surfing the NET to find out more information about AIX
operating system, but I couldn't find much resources about it.

Could anyone tell me how I can view from a log file interactive sessions of
users telneting from remote sources. I am the sys admin of a machine, I
want to
know what programs user executed from their previous logins? I am really
interested in what each individual does, but I am trying to find out who
and how
the person cause my system to shut down using root login.

Is there a program on the NET to view user interactive sessions after login

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.



1. wu.ftpd FTP server shut down -- please try again later.

I have been having problems with this one machine for a while.
When I try to ftp to my machine, I gtethe following results:

dins:~# ftp localhost
Connected to localhost.
500 dins FTP server shut down -- please try again later.

I don't knwo what the problem is, I've replaced the wu.ftpd with one
from a working machine, checked my inetd.conf, ftpaccess, ftpgroups,
etc.. and everything looks okay.  I've even replaced my tcpd.

Any suggestions?


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