TCP Wrapper 7.4 available

TCP Wrapper 7.4 available

Post by Wietse Vene » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Version 7.4 of my TCP Wrapper program is available.

Version 7.4 works around a flaw in IRIX library routines that may cause
hosts to slip through the allow/deny filters. Version 7.4 does not add
any new features. If versions 7.0 .. 7.3 work for you there is no need
to upgrade to version 7.4.

What you can do with this program: the TCP Wrapper maintains a log of
connections made to your INETD services. You can, but do not have to,
restrict what systems may connect by hostname, by address, and by
network service.  The TCP Wrapper can be installed with no change to
systems software or to configuration files. It builds out of the box on
all popular UNIX platforms.

In order to upgrade, you can pick up the complete 7.4 source from the
usual FTP archives: (soon)

body (not subject):

        get tcp-wrappers-announce Patch04

The full source code (Part01..07, Patch01..04) can be obtained in the
same manner. You can send multiple `get' commands in one message.

        Department of Mathematics and Computing Science,
        Eindhoven University of Technology,
        The Netherlands.


1. TCP Wrappers 7.4

I just got this version of tcp wrappers up and running on
a new Solaris system.  I seem to get an error message
echoed to the console, something like the following:

Feb 21 09:05:54 <machine_name> in.fingerd[1100]: error: cannot execute
/usr/sbin/in.fingerd: Exec format error

This occurs when a network connection is made going from
<machine_name> to another machine.  Everything else appears
to be working fine and the hosts.allow/deny files seem
to be working fine also.  Any ideas???  Thanks in advance.

// Jason J. Repik                  


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