keyserver ??

keyserver ??

Post by u435.. » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 22:27:08

 recently, when evertitme I login, then I got a message :

What does it mean ?  ( 29994 is my UID )

I remember I have typed the command : chkey ...but ...I don't know what is it .

someone can help me... and tell me more about "keyserv"



1. New PGP keyserver to download

Highware releases OpenKeyServer 1.1, its fast public keys server for
storing PGP public keys.

July 15, 1999. Highware, Inc. announces the release of OpenKeyServer
1.1, its high performance server for massive storage of OpenPGP public
keys. As individuals and companies increasingly leverage the Internet
as a primary way to do business and to communicate with partners and
customers, OpenKeyServer (OKS) provides the central repository
required for exchanging public keys needed to communicate securely on
the Internet.

OKS is FREE for non-commercial usages and for companies offering a free
public keys repository service.

Based on a lightning fast database for rapidly retrieving and storing
public keys, OKS offers a high performance system for serving the
increasing demand to secure e-mails and files. To guarantee a
continuous and secure service, the OpenKeyServer includes a recovery
system completely restoring the database in case of system failure.
OpenKeyServer is provided with customizable modules placing OKS as a
backend of choice to offer any Intranet/Extranet PGP public key
repository service.
This extended flexibility provides OKS with the ability to be directly
queryable through client security software like PGP or SafeMail and to
run Web-based worldwide public keys servers such as the server.

The modular architecture of OpenKeyServer makes it the ideal solution
for serving keyrings of hundreds of public keys as well as keyrings of
hundreds of thousands ones. Composed of a single database server and a
suite of protocol specific gateways, this architecture permits OKS to
be load-balanced on several machines accross a network and to achieve
the maximum throughput required for providing a very high quality
service. This scalability feature is also extendable to the formats of
public keys supported: currently public keys complying with the
OpenPGP standard are supported, but new formats are planned.

To reduce the administrative costs and time, an easy installation and
configuration procedure is included which permits to build an entire
system serving more than 500,000 keys in less than one hour. And in
the case where public keys servers have to be interconnected, OKS
includes the automatic SMTP synchronization mecanism used by common
PGP public keys servers in order to spread submitted public keys to
remote repositories sites.

A fully functionnal evaluation distribution of the OpenKeyServer can be
FREELY downloaded at You can also
visit the OpenPGP public keys servers network at to see the system in action.

Sun SOLARIS 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6, Linux Intel x86, FreeBSD Intel x86 and
Apple MacOSX.

More information can be found at:

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