Are there any modem dial back software packages.?

Are there any modem dial back software packages.?

Post by Andy Holm » Fri, 17 May 1996 04:00:00

I have searched high...
I have searched low ...
I have even searched some of the middle bits...
But I cant find a pcAnywhere (modem) type product to run under Solaris 1 or 2.
the package must have dial back with approved user list.
If anybody knows of a product please could you inform me.. I'm losing so much

Andy Holmes
Callminder Support


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At present we have a variety of modems connected directly to
desktop PC's. These PC's, are in turn connected to our Network.
We are looking for hardware/software solution to control the following:
1. Access control; dial in calls with password authentication (and other
security devices).
2. Ability to call back after call in.
3. Must be able to dial out from desktop (modem pool)also.
4. Perhaps call logging for audit purposes.
Can anyone help - we need something that addresses these (and
other) security concerns.


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