Tutorials (12/7, San Jose) Unix System Adminstration (Sun User Group Conference)

Tutorials (12/7, San Jose) Unix System Adminstration (Sun User Group Conference)

Post by Nancy Frishbe » Wed, 18 Nov 1992 08:22:39

If you or someone you know wants a solid introduction to Unix system
administration, plan to be at the Sun User Group Conference (San Jose
Convention Center) on Monday, December 7, 1992 for a full day
tutorials.  The Conference and Exhibition extends through Thursday.

Dinah McNutt (Tivoli Systems) will offer "Introduction to UNIX System
Administration" for Unix programmers and users who want to learn about
system administration.  The focus is on administering SunOS 4.1
systems, but many of the concepts apply to other types of Unix systems.

Experienced system administrators may prefer a different full-day
- Advanced Unix Security (Matt Bishop, Dartmouth College)
- Preparing for Disaster (a.m. - Brent Chapman, Great Circle Associates),
  plus, Why have Computer Security? (p.m. - Bob Baldwin, Tandem Computers)
- Sun Network Debugging (Smoot Carl-Mitchell, Texas Internet Consulting)
- Topics in Perl (Tom Christiansen, Convex Computer Corporation)        
- Programming in POSIX (Jeffrey S. Haemer, Canary Software)    
- UNIX Programming Tools (Kenneth Ingham, consultant)
- The Internet and its Protocols (William LeFebvre, Northwestern University)
- Integrating C Code and Xt Widgets (Craig Rudlin, MD, Medical Software and Computer Systems)

SPECIAL OFFER: 5 full conference registrations (each includes a day of
any tutorial) for the price of 4 when preregistering with a single
payment.  If you just want to go to the exhibits, ask for a free
show-only pass.

To get more information by email about these tutorials, the technical
program, or exhibits at the Sun User Group conference, send requests

You will receive the full tutorials and program description with
registration information.  Or call 1-800/727-EXPO.  (Outside the U.S.,
use 512/331-7761 (voice) or 512/331-3950 (FAX).)  

Nancy Frishberg, Sun User Group.