rsh - Help needed

rsh - Help needed

Post by Uri Shkolni » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I need help with rsh from Next (unix base system) to sun (sunos 4.1.4).

I have 2 NextStep that I want to dump on a remote sun's tape. I have done the changes in the
/.rhosts and /etc/hosts.resolv but the answer is alwase the same - 'premision denied'. Between
the Nexts I done 'rsh' successfully.

What did I done wrong?

Uri Shkolnik - System Administrator
Harmonic Lightwaves (Israel)



1. rsh help needed

   I need to run a rsh on a remote server and redirect it's output to
a file on the remote server.  The following command works until I
redirect it.

rsh neo sed 's/root=neo:\/u/root=\/5.8/g'

But as soon as I add "> /etc/bootparams" to the end of it, I get the
following error:

sed: command garbled: s/root=neo:/u/root=

I guess I just can't redirect in a rsh?  Any ideas?  Thanks

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