Systems Analyst Position Available

Systems Analyst Position Available

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Systems Communication Analyst I:  $31,680 - $39,600
Must have a Bachelor's degree in a related field; or a high school diploma
or GED and four years experience; or a combination of training and
experience. Prefer: a Master's degree in Biology, Chemistry or related
field; excellent verbal and written communication skills; knowledge of
and JAVA software applications and Novell Networks; experience as a UNIX
administrator; knowledge of WindowsNT and MacIntosh operating systems.
Essential job functions: Coordinating departmental computer purchases and
software installations and operations; administering remote sites over the
Internet; orienting department personnel in use of computer systems;
troubleshooting computer related problems; coordinating maintenance of
area networks with College System Administrator; and coordinating computer
applications involving research and Chemistry Systems Analyst. Position
requires minimal physical effort; and occasional travel. Send Resume and

of Biology, Georgia State University, P.O. Box 4010, Atlanta, GA 30302.
Georgia State University is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action

1. CAN-BC-Vancouver: Systems Analyst - Position Available

Interactive Netcasting Systems Inc., a leader in Internet broadcasting,
offers cost effective audio and video services for client communication

We currently have opportunities available for:


The successful candidate must have a minimum two years
Applications Development Experience and be familiar with computer
applications design, development and implementation.  The candidate must
have product awareness of different "off-the-shelf" applications and be
familiar with database design concepts and ongoing maintenance of
RDBMS.  Excellent written, people, planning and organizational skills
are a

The successful candidate must:

* Work with Management, Administrative, System and Production Staff as
  single point of contact for maintenance and development of computer
* Recommend different computer based applications to enhance
  and production processes
* Become familiar with all administrative, billing, and operational
* Troubleshoot and maintain application systems
* Focus on ongoing management of computer systems and provide reporting
  recommendations for upgrades and enhancements
* Plan and manage system upgrades
* Work on building technical support relationships between Systems,
  Administrative and Production Staff
* Be knowledgable in UNIX, Windows NT and 95/98
* Be knowledgable in TCP/IP, the Internet and Intranet-based technology
* Have experience in implementing and maintaining databases such as
  SQL Server, Sybase and Informix
* Be familiar with databases such as Access, PostGres, MySQL and

Interactive Netcasting Systems Inc. offers a competitive salary and

Human Resources, Interactive Netcasting Systems Inc., #201 - 5595 Roy
Street, Burnaby, BC, V5B 3A5

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