SR. UNIX System ADMIN Position

SR. UNIX System ADMIN Position

Post by Raj Dut » Thu, 26 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> CMI Consulting of Red Bank, NJ has the following 2 IMMEDIATE POSITIONS
> open  with our client in Central NJ.
>  Senior System Administrator - responsible for administration of large,
> diverse  HP/UX, Solaris, Win95/WinNT site.
>  Requirements:
>  Degree in CS (preferrably MSCS or BSCS and equivalent experience)
>  Minimum 5 years relevant experience in a Unix environment.
>  Excellent programming and communication skills required.
>  Knowledge of Perl, C, Korne shell, Bourne shell, Unix kernels, networking
>  (switches, routers, 10BT, 100TX,TCP/IP, ethernet), DAT and DLT backup
> systems,  and NIS are a must.
>  Position will require 24/7 beeper coverage about 1 week per month.
>  Please contact:
>  Eve Ellsworth, Technical Recruiter

>  CMI
>  (800)450-1100 x107

can i please please please work for a company that spams us with
irrelevant mail?



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