SunOS 4.1 vs SunOS 5.2

SunOS 4.1 vs SunOS 5.2

Post by Harold McCa » Sat, 04 Dec 1993 04:07:48

I do not understand why behavior is different between SunOS 4.1 and 5.2.

I have an executable file with the setuid bit on (anyone can execute
it), owned by user A.  The executable file does a system("bbb"), where
bbb is a sh script.  The script accesses a file which is only readable
by user A.

In SunOS 4.1, when someone other than user A runs the executable file, the
file (readable only by user A) is accessed OK.

But in SunOS 5.2, when someone other than user A runs the executable file,
access is prevented.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.  Please email me.

Harold McCabe


1. automounting trouble from SunOS 4.1.x to Irix 5.2?

One of our larger NIS domains, recently turned up an odd problem.

The domain contains many Sun's, some with 4.1.x, some 5.3, a handful
of alpha's (1.1 and 1.2), and a single sgi (with Irix 5.2).

One of the 4.1.x machines (ang1) lost a harddisk.  The Irix machine's
(puffin's) automounter became confused while trying to nfs mount a
filesystem from ang1.  The other machines seemed fine.  I don't know
if this is an Irix 5.2 problem, or a local config problem; that's why
I'm posting.

The users on puffin have no need for the data on ang1.  There may have
been someone on puffin trying to cd to one of the directories on ang1,
but it wouldn't make much sense; it's not a high-end machine, and the
machines belong to different departments.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd prefer to avoid local
/etc/auto.master's if possible; it seems that in such usage, one may
almost just as well use /etc/{{v,}fstab,checklist}.

Out of curiosity: did SGI purchase source to sun's automounter at one
point (if so, presumably prior to the multithreaded autofs-version?),
or is this a rewrite?

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