telnet logs?

telnet logs?

Post by David Simmo » Tue, 26 Jan 1993 11:55:40

Is there any way to log telnet sessions on a Sun system?  (SparcStation 2,
running SunOS v4.1.x)  We have a problem with users here spending too much
time on MUDs (in my opinion a complete waste of time).  I don't mean log the
data transmitted/recieved by the telnet session, just the address connected
to, the persons username, and the times...  I can hack the telnet code if
nessesary, and if someone can point me to the source code that will compile
easily on this SparcStation 2.  Many thanks.

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1. Telnet, logging sesions

Hi all,

Trying to get all loggin sessions logged to a central Solaris host .
Need some advice to get telnet sessions logged like any other regular
loggings. What parameters need to be added ...?


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