Hanging OSF/1 System

Hanging OSF/1 System

Post by Jürgen Griga » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00


since some days our system running DEC OSF/1 V 3.0B hangs up again and
again. There is a situation it seems to do nothing, there is no access to
that machine neither via LAN nor Console. The stuff has to power down and
up. I lokked fore core-files and error-files, I checked
/usr/var/adm/messages and the syslog.dated files. There are no hints for
any error situation. Everything stopped and the files are continued some
days later after cold start. As our customer is beating us, can anyone
give me a hint what to do to get more information? Are there parameters
to set prior to the error to catch that situation?

The special situation on that system is as follows:
There are only 2 additional users. But for one of them, about 100
application processes are started automatically. They use about 150
TCP/IP connections; 50 display connections to x-terminals and a lot of
connections on the localhost. To run this the kernel is build with an
increased valu for maxuprc of 200. Any idea if this environment can lead
to such a malicious situation?

Juergen Grigat