printing from hp to sun print server

printing from hp to sun print server

Post by Ian Hun » Wed, 05 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I use an hp 715/85 machine on an sun network how do i set
it up so that i can print from my hp. The sun is running
5.3 and the hp 9.01. anyone any ideas?

Ian Hunt


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does any1 know how 2 do this
I have set up a remote print que on our AIX server2 wich uses AIX server1's
local que successfully.
servers1,s qconfig entry is

    device = lp0
    file = /dev/lp0
    header = never
    trailer =  never
    access = both
    backend  = /usr/lib/lpd/piobe

  I have set up another remote que on the sun solaris 5.5.1 machine to use
AIX server1,s local que.

using 'lpadmin -p rempri -s server1!lp4 -T unknown -I any'

 this looks OK until I try 'lpstat -p', it gives me 'printer rempri faulted.
enabled since Mon..... .  available.
    system not responding.'
All the machines can see each other on the network.
I have tried both printer types bsd and s5 at the sun end.
the printer is a HP laserjet 4p


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