SUMMARY: Disk Quotas

SUMMARY: Disk Quotas

Post by Eric M. Boe » Sat, 15 Feb 1992 00:03:09

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Solutions to allocating disk space took a few basic forms.

1. No quotas. However, disk space was carefully monitored and the user
   population was fairly homogeneous. Social pressure from other users
   was sufficient to keep disk usage reasonable. A slight variation --
   disk usage reports were published frequently as a means of identifying
   users with large disk consumption.

2. Social pressure may also be threatening e-mail from the local

3. Disk quotas - however the implementation may take a variety of
   forms. Make sure sum of quotas does not exceed available space.

   a. Quotas with ample space between soft and hard limits. Possibly
      access to a filesystem without quotas. Possibly migrate
      infrequently used files to tape or optical disk.

   b. Setup disk quotas but do not turn them on. If disk space becomes
      a problem, threaten to turn it on.

   c. Concept of logged in quota (for short term use) versus logged
      out quota (long term storage).

   Most sites had a faily liberal policy for increasing quotas -- more
space for GIFS or mail was usually not a good reason.

1. Prevent one user (or small set of users) from eating disk space by
   placing a hard limit on the number and size of files.
2. Easy monitoring/reporting of disk usage
3. Limit guest accounts to not use host as file storage.

1. Edit quotas for each user
2. Limits group projects.
3. Hard limits can prevent a user from completing legitimate work.
4. Users always want large quotas.

I would like to thank the following for their input:

Eric M. Boehm


1. file format of 'quotas' (Solaris disk quota system)?

I need help.

     What is the format of 'quotas' used to turn on the quota system. I read
the man page on 'quotaon', it says one needs to have a file named 'quotas' on
the root directory, refer 'edquota' for more detail. When I read 'edquota', it
refers back to 'quotaon' for detail. ---> <----!!

     Any one please provide the format of the file 'quotas'? Please email
if possible.

     Thank you very much.
++ Xiannong Meng            Department of Computer Science  ++
++ Assistant Professor      The University of Texas -- Pan American         ++

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