Announcing VERACITY: New security/data-integrity tool.

Announcing VERACITY: New security/data-integrity tool.

Post by Ross N. Willia » Sun, 17 Jul 1994 14:36:59

Veracity is a data integrity tool that detects changes in a directory
tree. Veracity traverses the tree, reading each file, and generates a
snapshot file containing the names and digests of the files in the
tree. The snapshot file is usually about 1/300th of the size of the
tree. Veracity can then compare the snapshot to the tree, alerting the
user to any file creations, deletions, or modifications made since the
snapshot was taken. If so much as a single bit in any file in the
directory tree is altered, through any cause whatsoever, Veracity will
detect it. Veracity is an excellent tool for virus and intruder
detection, disk monitoring, file transfer verification, and
notarization. It is suitable for use by both system administrators and

Veracity is now available for SunOS/Solaris, VAX/VMS V6, MS-DOS, and
Macintosh. Coming soon: HP/UX, Alpha/OpenVMS, Alpha/OSF1. To obtain a

VIRUS AND INTRUSION DETECTION: Because intruders and viruses have to
change files in order to have any effect, Veracity can detect them.
Veracity's digest algorithms (e.g. MD5) make undetected tampering
almost impossible.

FILE SYSTEM MONITORING: If a randomly chosen file was somehow deleted
from your hard disk today, would you know? Or would you find out long
after the file's backup tapes had been overwritten? Veracity allows
you to verify that the files you put on your hard disk yesterday are
still there today.

FILE TRANSFERS: Veracity can verify a directory tree transfer without
human assistance, even if the tree contains a mixture of binary and
text files whose names have changed during transmission
(e.g. "customer_db.database" converted to "CUSTOMER.DAT;1").

CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Veracity can be used to quickly and easily
certify the configuration of a target file system. This is great for
checking mirrored sites. Snapshot files are robust text files that can
be sent by email.

NOTARIZATION: Take a digest of a document and publish it in some
non-corruptible medium (e.g. the classified section of a widely
distributed and archived newspaper). This can later be used as
cryptographic proof that the document existed at a particular time.

Feature Summary
* Creates a snapshot of an entire directory tree.
* Snapshot files:
  - Are platform independent.
  - Are about 1/300th of the size of the directory tree.
  - Are human readable text files that can be sent by email.
  - Can be cryptographically locked so any modification will be detected.
* Tailor checking within target tree using pathname pattern/action rules.
* Can verify heterogeneous file transfers (e.g. Unix to MS-DOS):
  - Copes with text files EOLs (etc) changing.
  - Copes with filename changes (truncation, upper case, etc.).
* Built in scripting language allows checking to be automated.
* Digest   algorithms: SHA0, SHA1, MD2, MD4, MD5, Snefru (four versions).
* Checksum algorithms: CRC-16, CRC-32, Fletcher, Internet, sum.
* Use Veracity to:
  - Detect intruders and viruses.
  - Detect file system damage.
  - Certify file transfers.
  - Manage file system configurations.
  - Timestamp electronic documents.
* Available now for SunOS/Solaris, VAX/VMS V6, MS-DOS, and Macintosh.
  Coming soon: HP/UX, Alpha/OpenVMS, Alpha/OSF1.

Unfortunately, the development of this software has involved
considerable effort and sacrifice on my part, and so I must charge a
fee for it. However, as a sign of gratitude to all the netters who
have assisted me in small ways during the development of Veracity, I
am pleased to offer a special introductory offer of 75% off during


16 July 1994.

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Note: Rocksoft and Veracity are trademarks of Rocksoft Pty Ltd. The
terms MD2, MD4, and MD5 refers to the RSA Data Security Inc MD2, MD4,
and MD5 Algorithms.

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