Number of Files open

Number of Files open

Post by BIG » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00


 Does somebody can tell me if exist any commande to know how files are
actualy open at a time on a HP-UX server.

 I know that the parameters is "nfile" into the kernel and i want to
estimate if this is not enough.



1. SOS,the max number of file open.

I found that the Solaris system can only open almost 400 files at same
time.I hava a test,the
result as below:
1) open 1 file for read at same time ,can open 253 times and told me can
not open .
2) open 2 file for read at same time ,can open 126 and 125 times
respective and told me can not open more.

Who can tell me what is the reason , and how to enlarge the number .
thank you .

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