X -query from HP-UX 8.0 to SCO OS 5.0 won't work

X -query from HP-UX 8.0 to SCO OS 5.0 won't work

Post by Roman Fiet » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00


When I do

/usr/bin/X11 -query <node>

on a HP 9000/375 with HP-UX 8.0 (X11R4 monochrome server) to an
HP9000/715-100 with HP-UX 9.05 it works. If I try the same to an SCO
OS 5.0 box it either won't work or the scologin screens appears after
about 10 minutes without the SCO logo.

If I try the same thing from teh HP 715 to the SCO box everything
works quick and well.

If I use monochrome X-Terminals, everything is fine.

Xservers file is empty (except comments). Xerrors shows nothing.

Connecting clients to this server works (e.g. xclock, xset, ...).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Roman Fietze (Mail Code 5023)              Kodak AG Stuttgart/Germany


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