Can you have an output filter on a remote printer?

Can you have an output filter on a remote printer?

Post by LMS Curt » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 09:57:33

I have an unusual problem.  We are trying to print to a Hewlett
Packard 4 SIMX through a Lantronix box.  The Lantronix box acts
as the remote system and the remote printer is the port that
the printer is connected to.

I am trying to print from either a DECstation 5000/2xx running
Ultrix 4.x or a Sparcstation x running 4.1.x.  I am fairly vague,
because I have tried it from a number of different systems.

We are having a problem printing Postscript files to this printer
in this configuration.  A ^D needs to be appended to the end of
each print job for it to print correctly.  If this is left off,
the printer will hang and need to be reset.  If it is reset, it
loses any print jobs in the queue.  Obviously, this is a problem.

My question is, can I have an output filter to a printer on a BSD
system printing to a remote system.  I have tried a number of different
printer definitions in the printcap file, and all the references to
filters seemed to be ignored.  Am I trying to do something impossible?

Laura Curtis
Battelle PNL
UNIX system administrator

voice: (509)375-2311


1. output filter with remote printers


How do you set up an output filter for a remote printer in the BSD
printer svc?

I've read the man pages and looked at sources for lpr and what I've
seen is that output filters are only applied (i.e. the pipe is set)
for local printers.

How do you face then with printers with a built-in printing queue? It
would be nice if you could simply specify an `of' for a remote printer


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